Major Categories

If you wish to receive student and cross-institutional scores by major, you must specify the major labels that are used at your institution. Each label must be associated with a standard category. Your students' scores will be reported using the labels you provide. For cross-institutional reporting, the standard category to which you assign each label will be used.

The standard categories that you can choose from are based on the IPEDS CIP 2010 two-digit codes (in parentheses below). For a list of the instructional programs that are included in each category, click on the category title to display the IPEDS CIP listing in a new window.

Category Groups

Because many of these standard categories will have very few participating institutions, we have combined similar categories into Category Groups. In addition to the standard categories, cross-institutional scores will be reported for these Category Groups.

The Category Groups and the standard categories assigned to them are listed below:

Category Group Included Categories
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, & Related Sciences
Natural Resources & Conservation
Architecture Architecture & Related Svcs
Business Business, Management, Marketing, & Related Support Svcs
Communication and Journalism Communication, Journalism, & Related Programs
Education Education
Library Science
Engineering and Computer Sciences Communications Technologies/Technicians & Support Svcs
Computer & Information Sciences & Support Svcs
Engineering Technologies & Engineering-Related Fields
Military Technologies & Applied Sciences
Science Technologies/Technicians
Health Professions Health Professions & Related Programs
Health-Related Knowledge & Skills
Humanities English Language & Literature/Letters
Foreign Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics
Liberal Arts & Sciences, General Studies & Humanities
Philosophy & Religious Studies
Theology & Religious Vocations
Legal, Military, and Public Administration Legal Professions & Studies
Military Science, Leadership & Operational Art
Public Administration & Social Service Professions
Leisure and Recreation Leisure & Recreational Activities
Parks, Recreation, Leisure, & Fitness Studies
Mathematics and Sciences Biological & Biomedical Sciences
Mathematics & Statistics
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, & Group Studies
Family & Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences
Homeland Sec, Law Enforcement, Firefighting & Rel Prot Svcs
Social Sciences
Trades and Related Programs Construction Trades
Mechanic & Repair Technologies/Technicians
Personal & Culinary Svcs
Precision Production
Transportation & Materials Moving
Visual and Performing Arts Visual & Performing Arts