Is it possible to link students directly to the Threshold Achievement test from our web server?

Yes, this can be done if you have someone at your location with web programming ability. Once you have started a test and received your Student Keys from the Threshold Achievement system, you can link your students directly to the test using a URL like this:

where ABCDEF is your Test Key and 123456 is the Student Key for a specific student. You will need to keep track of which Student Keys have been assigned on your web server. This is typically done using a database and a scripting language like PHP or ASP.

You can download a spreadsheet of Student Keys for your administration from the Manager Dashboard. Your test must be started before Student Keys can be generated.

NOTE: If you have elected to use a local identifier in place of the standard Student Key, for example your institutional student ID or email address, you will use this local identifier as the Student Key when creating this URL.