Is it possible to have our students returned to our web server once they finish the Threshold Achievement test?

Yes, this can be done if you have someone at your location with web programming ability. On the General Test Information form for your test, set Return URL to the URL on your web site to which your students should be sent once they complete the Threshold Achievement test.

The Test Key and Student Key of the student completing the Threshold Achievement test are passed as parameters on this URL. For example, if the specified Return URL is:

the complete URL used to redirect the student once they have completed the Threshold Achievement test would be:

where ABCDEF would be your Test Key and 123456 would be the Student Key of the student completing the test.

NOTE: If you have elected to use a local identifier in place of the standard Student Key, for example your institutional student ID or email address, the value returned on the Student Key parameter will be the encrypted version of local identifier for the student. The local identifier is never stored on the Threshold Achievement web site.